Service definition: HOJAS BLANCAS FLORISTS is able to attend all floral requests in the world's main and middle cities, which have florists services, and also counts with the required infrastructure.

Offered products: For being a worldwide service, you should know the following characteristics:

The design of the floral arrangement may vary substantially from country to country.
All kinds of flowers depend of:each country's climate, their cultivation or importing, therefore, every order may have three different flower options, to finally place the one available in the market.
We cannot compromise with specific complements.

* Our catalogue is guaranteed for Medellín City, where our headquarters are located, where we have a staff of professional florists to our service for its fulfilment.

Required conditions
Orders may be done 48 hours before you expect your delivery.
You must give us complete information about the person who orders the service as well as whom is going to receive it, in order to be able to confirm the given data before we place the order.
You must have present holydays change from country to country as well as the the florists stores service schedules (some of them may not be open on Saturday, Sunday or holydays).
If you make a credit card payment it will be done only after we get a debit autorization.

In Colombia, our service is present in all main and middle cities, where there are associate florist stores available.
Internationally, we are present in North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.


The basic prices for Medellín City are the one placed in each floral arrangement, variation depends on the client's budget and demands.

For other Colombian cities, the basic price is US60, its variation depends on the city, the needs of the client and the availability of the flowers.

For North, Central and South America, basic price is US120, its final value depends on the client's budget, as well as its requests on the floral arrangement.

For Europe and Asia the basic price is US150, its variation depends on the client's budget and also of the arrangement floral type requested.


The prices appearing in the catalog, are for the urban area of the Municipality of Medellin. For most remote locations and other municipalities of Valle del Aburrá, there will be a surcharge of $ 10 for transportation, which must be added to the price of the arrangement that appears.

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